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Upcoming Events
Find out below when we will be at an event near you!

March 14-28 
Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo 
Austin, TX

April 22-24
Women Who Win Conference
Austin, TX

May 7-8
The Texas Meeting Dental Conference
San Antonio, TX

June 10-11
Texas School Principal Association (TESPA)
Austin, TX 

June 24-26
Math Teachers Conference (CAMT)
Houston, TX

July 18-19
Bridal Extravaganza
Houston, TX

August 20-22
Mega Fest
Houston, TX

October 9 -10
Kindergarten Teachers of Texas (KTOT)
Houston, TX

October 30-November 1
Social Studies  Conference
Forth Worth, TX

November 4-7
Texas Counselors Conference (TCA)
Corpus Christi, TX

November 12-14
Science Teacher Conference
Fort Worth, TX