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About Us

About Got2 Bling IT! ….
We’re always looking for new things to bling!


The company began by a divinely inspired idea to provide fashion in a unique, impressive, and stylish way at an affordable price. Unique because it would be a style created by the client.  Impressive by the quality of stones and fabric used. Stylish by strategic placement of the stones used to highlight and accent the customer’s ultimate style.  We are the best quality solution for adding a new creative edge to your logo or personal advertisement that you will want to wear for all to see.


We design customized “BLING” shirts using the highest quality of stones in many different colors and sizes to fit your needs.  We can accent your existing logo or design by creatively exploring ideas that artistically makes it unique in appearance and high in demand.


From sports to education, from corporations to non-profit organizations…if you want a style like no other, we’ve got you covered.


We are Got2 Bling IT!…we’re always looking for new things to BLING!